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Fifth Street associates engage with nonprofits in the Madison County community to provide professional public relations services. View our recent work with clients. This website and blog were student projects within the Department of Communication and Design Arts.

Website Design: Maria Neathery (BA '18)
Photography: Connor Carr (BA '24)
Graphics: Allison Armstrong (BA '19)

FSC Clients

Each semester, Fifth Street associates work with area nonprofit organizations to provide strategy, research, writing, event planning, graphics, media relations, and social media planning.

Discover Magazine

In Spring 2021, Fifth Street associates wrote a number of articles for Discover magazine, including Aaron Diaz, Rebekah Corwin, and Kara Martin. The cover story was by Caroline States.

The Spring 2022 issue had articles written by Fifth Street Associates Aaron Diaz, Delaney Dye, and Taryn Martzall. The cover story was by Claire Mountcastle.

Read a MadLife piece from by Fifth Street Associate Sydney Rusche


Front Page of Spring 2021 Discover Magazine
Front Page of Spring 2022 Discover Magazine
Technical Blogs

Associates provide technical blogs for organizations. Some written recently for the Alaska Sleep Clinic include "Positive Sleep Habits for a College Athlete" by Hannah Rady and "Music and Sleep: Does Music Improve Sleep?" by Michael Morehouse.

Additional Projects

Additional projects by Fifth Street associates included an email campaign and the coordination of an open house.

Solar Car

Students worked closely with the Office of Advancement and the Department of Science and Engineering to create a media kit for the solar car. Additional projects in process for 2018-2019, is an email campaign and open house.

Emergency Quick Response

Associates worked in crisis communication by pitching and creating an emergency response book for Anderson University. Read the quick response book by Fifth Street Associates

Front Page of Emergency Quick Response Book
Feature and Web Writing

During the 2021-22 academic year, Fifth Street Clients wrote feature blogs for the Church of God and did web writing for Grace Horizon's website.

Social Media Strategy and Evaluation

During the 2021-22 academic year, Fifth Street associates developed a social media evaluation and strategy for the Anderson University School of Theology and for Madison Park Church of God in the fall of 2021.

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