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Fifth Street Communications associates engage with nonprofits in the Madison County community and greater area to provide professional public relations services. View our recent work with clients. This website and blog were student projects within the Department of Communication and Design Arts.

Website Design: Maria Neathery (BA '18); Graphics: Allison Armstrong (BA '19)

FSC Clients

Each semester, Fifth Street associates work with area nonprofit organizations to provide strategy, research, writing, event planning, graphics, media relations, and social media planning.

Hamilton County
Voter Registration Campaign

Senior associates are working on a two-year campaign to assist voter registration for young adults and teenagers for the 2024 primary and presidential elections. The awareness campaign includes: research and analysis of Hamilton County school districts; coordinating school voter registration educational events; and absentee ballot information via social media, email, and print.

East Central Indiana Casa Inc.

East Central Indiana Casa Inc. recruits and trains volunteer advocates who guide children through the complex legal system and represent their best interests in decisions toward a safe, permanent home. Fifth Street Communications is partnering to build an awareness and event campaign. 

A World of Good Podcast

An associate is working alongside the Church of God's Global Strategy podcast "A World of Good." While the Global Strategy team is rebranding their podcast and strategy, associates will start with a full content analysis to create an awareness campaign. 

Technical Blogs

Associates provide technical blogs for organizations. Some written recently for the Alaska Sleep Clinic include "Music and Sleep: Does Music Improve Sleep?" and "Positive Sleep Habits for a College Athlete."

Discover Magazine
Front Page of Spring 2021 Discover Magazine
Front Page of Spring 2022 Discover Magazine
Solar Car

Students worked closely with the Office of Advancement and the Department of Science and Engineering to create a media kit for the solar car. Additional projects included an email campaign and an open house.

Emergency Quick Response

Associates worked in crisis communication by pitching and creating an emergency response book for Anderson University. Read the quick response book by Fifth Street Communication associates.

Front Page of Emergency Quick Response Book
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