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More Than a Professional Impact

Many students apply for internships during their college career; some choose to do so simply to gain experience in their chosen profession, while others are required to complete an internship credit or more to graduate. Students who do an internship benefit from it professionally, but not all internships turn out to be personally impactful. For Anderson University cinema and media arts senior Eden Turner, however, this was not the case, to her surprise.

This past summer, Turner completed an internship with One Way Ministries in Aurora, Illinois. Turner was one of 25 interns working on 100 prayer videos, each for a different country. As one of the editors, Turner edited a total of nine videos solo throughout the length of her internship.

Turner not only speaks about her experience professionally, but also about the community she found there and the growth she experienced personally and spiritually.

“It’s a lot different working for a ministry than working for anywhere else, so having the entire company in a conference room doing a devotional together is wild,” Turner stated. “Being discipled in the workplace was something that was new to me and it ended up being one of my favorite parts. I mean, where else are you going to have that?”

Turner explained that she lived with the other interns, and this aspect helped in building a close community forming longlasting relationships with her fellow interns and her superiors, many of whom she still keeps in contact with.

Professionally, Turner’s internship gave her experience in her chosen field and gave her the certainty and confidence that editing is, in fact, what she wants to do as a “nine-to-five” and not simply a hobby.

Anna Robinson is a junior from Louisville, Kentucky, majoring in Spanish and public relations. Robinson is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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