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Camp Connections for a Future Career

Anderson University Junior Rebekah Hisle interned at Warner Camp this summer as a communication and marketing coordinator. Located in Grand Junction, Michigan, Warner Camp is a nonprofit, Christian campground. Their mission is to use their distinct environment to serve God, the church and the community through “Life Changing Experiences.”

Hisle is a public relations major with a minor in sport marketing and writing. Some of her responsibilities in her internship included creating promotional material and general office work for the campgrounds. Additionally, she worked on communicating and evaluating strategies to increase the number of youth campers that the facility serves during the summer. She worked alongside the leaders responsible for the $4 million campaign that the camp launched this year. One of the biggest skills she learned was how to do mass mailings on a deadline. Hisle commented that camp life moves quickly and “it was a challenge to complete some tasks in the time allotted, but it was possible and I learned about internal and external communication through this process.”

When talking about Warner Camp, Hisle says that it “is a place I have cared about all my life, and I’ve seen myself participate in camp through different roles over the years.” This experience was new for her because it focused on the business end of the organization.

Much of her experience also included building relationships with other staff members. “All the people that work in the camp office are involved in programming... I think that's really special because they are able to create connections to the people using the facilities,” she said. She felt that she had a strong support system with the other staff members, but felt encouraged to complete projects on her own when possible.

This was a unique organization for Hisle to work with because the organization is a nonprofit, but she commented enjoying the work. “You can see how much your work affects the people who are being served.” Hisle feels that this internship has prepared her for her future career because of both the internal and external communication skills she gained.

Elleana Ortiz is a senior from Holt, Michigan, majoring in public relations and dance. Elleana is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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