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CMA: Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

When one hears the term “CMA” what is the first thing that comes to mind? Some might think “Country Music Awards;” however, here at Anderson University, we associate the term “CMA” with our cinema and media arts program.

Cinema and media arts is a major and minor housed by the Department of Communication and Design Arts. Recently, two CMA students sat down to talk about their personal stories and experiences that they have gained from their program.

Epi Nailor is a senior majoring in CMA with a passion for filmmaking and production. This past summer, Nailor landed an internship working as the lead production assistant for a feature film titled “Tainted” that will premiere on Netflix in February 2024.

Throughout Nailor’s experience, she was offered a chance to write, direct and act in her own scene. “I walked on as a lead PA, and left as a producer, director and actor.” This experience helped her realize she wants to do more than just produce.

Nailor is finishing up her last year at Anderson University by working on personal projects and building up her portfolio. She shared that she is is pleased to graduate and leave with lifelong mentorships and friends.

Dorien Williams, also known as “Juice or JaWill,” is also a senior majoring in CMA with interests circling around music and creating.

Williams spends most of his time in the recording studio with friends. “It’s a very therapeutic environment, where I can practice my craft and feel comfortable doing so,” he said.

Last March, Williams released one of his recording studio projects, a single titled “Superhero,” which is now up to almost 100,000 streams on all platforms.

Williams explained, “Cinema students have tough schedules, and it’s challenging most of the time. Although, if you ask a CMA major, they’ll probably tell you it’s a learning experience that turns out to be rewarding.”

These individuals each have their own goals and visions for the future; however, Nailor and Williams will both take away the connections, education and experience gained from Anderson University.

Lauryn Hopkins is a junior from Pendleton, Indiana, majoring in public relations event planning and minoring in sport marketing. Lauryn is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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