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Connor Carr Serves as Summit Intern

Connor Carr is a senior cinema media arts student who recently finished an internship with Summit Ministries, an organization that hosts two-week conferences for young adults. Summit is a non-profit based in Manitou Springs, Colorado. Its focus is on Christian values and mentorship which is complemented by their motto: “Grow in your faith. Get the confidence to live it out.” Summit’s conferences specifically target 16–22-year-olds, providing a place for them to dive into worldviews and apologetics. Carr said, “It kind of hits in that phase when a lot of us need mentorship, but don’t have some form of formal, or any sort of mentorship. And it’s kind of that path of re-pointing us back to the truth.” Through this internship, Carr addressed the community he found at Summit.

Carr flew out to Colorado two days after Anderson University’s graduation in May 2022 where he spent the summer as Summit’s video intern. He was able to live with some members of the Summit team in one of the cabins they have around the conference hotel.

His tasks included running livestream of the conference’s graduation every two weeks and making promotional material and curriculum for Summit Ministries. He also made mini- documentaries of three different conference sessions. Each documentary was different in its own way. For one, Carr traveled to Georgia for the conference. Another was a virtual session where students were not physically present, but online. The final mini-documentary was of a conference on-site in Colorado.

Carr believes that this internship was a way to bring the hard work he’s done inside and outside of the classroom together. “There was a lot of mentorship in both professional, physical, like life, and then also spiritual mentorship as well,” he said. “And that whole full circle, shall we say, was really life-giving and providing direction for me as an individual.”

Rebekah Lynn Hisle is a junior from Saint Joseph, MI, majoring in public relations and minoring in sports marketing and writing. Rebekah is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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