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Dane Benton Alum Q&A

Based out of Springfield, Missouri, Dane Benton is a creative content manager for a private nonprofit organization that provides experiences for youth. He oversees a two-person design team that provides thousands of projects a year. For the past seven years, Benton has done many other things such as copy writing, communication planning and experience development. Benton is a 2009 Anderson University graduate who majored in visual communications and minored in public relations. Being from Missouri, many questioned why he came to Anderson University.

What influenced you to attend Anderson University?

Benton discussed that he grew up in the Church of God congregation his entire life and knew that he always wanted to attend a Christian-based school. He also knew that he had no idea of what he wanted to pursue regarding a lifelong career but graphic design has always intrigued him so he decided to pursue that at Anderson University.

What things were you involved in during your years at AU?

The list goes on of things that Benton was involved in on campus. He believed that being involved in the heart of campus is what transformed him into the person that he is today and what influenced him towards his major. Benton was a student leader, a CAB member, the SGA cabinet (student government), was a part of Avanti Boosters and worked in the public relations office.

What was your favorite thing about AU?

Benton said that student leadership was his favorite part of the university. He went on to discuss the impact that the faculty and staff made on him as a student at Anderson University. “Brent Baker was an inspiration,” he stated. Baker taught him that everything in life would intersect. “Your passion for the Lord, your work and the people around you will transform into one.”

What are some challenges that you face in your career today?

This question was relatively easy to answer for Benton because the world of creativity is starting to become challenging as the world evolves. There are many creative apps such as Canva that people can use or websites that allow people to create their own content. Many questions that Benton has to ask himself on a daily basis are, “How do I prove my worth as a designer? How do we remain relevant in a DIY culture?” DIY is short for doing it yourself which is what the internet allows us to do in today’s world.

Taryn Martzall is a senior from Muncie, Ind., majoring in public relations and minoring in social media marketing. Taryn is a second year associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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