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Fake News is Ruining PR

In recent years, there has been a concerning increase in the amount of brands that have willingly been broadcasting “fake news.” The term “fake news” has been popularized by the media because many brands have been caught posting and advertising material on social media that have not turned out to be anything that advertisers have promised. Trust is the foundation of any meaningful relationship. It is what keeps viewers engaged and is ultimately how you build long lasting relationships with consumers. With that being said, it is crucial for public relations associates to take charge of their brands and rebuild trust between their brands and potential consumers.

Consumers are seeking authentic experiences and holding brands accountable for their content now more than ever. The pandemic has completely changed how consumers shop, seek entertainment and so much more, which leads to the importance of being genuine and authentic on social platforms.

There are many different ways to build trust through social media. Here are some things to keep in mind while trying to present your brand the right way as a public relations specialist.

  • Be transparent. Not everything has to be perfect while representing your brand. Viewers and consumers enjoy when brands are honest-- such as posting things that a company has found challenging or something that they have struggled with. There is a fine line between expressing a struggle and presenting your brand in a negative light. Being transparent also means sharing your core values with customers and sticking to those beliefs. This creates a bond between the brand and consumer.

  • Build relationships. It is essential to create connections with those who view your media and to be present in engaging with the public. It is good to do things such as respond to as many comments as possible on social media postings, make posts stories that give viewers the opportunity to feel as if they are making a decision for your brand such as creating a voting poll. These types of activities make people feel connected.

It is critical for fake news to come to an end and there are many things that we as content creators can do to hold brands accountable for releasing nothing but factual information that viewers will love. This is what public relations was created for: holding a brand's reputation up to their proper standards.

Taryn Martzall is a senior from Muncie, Ind., majoring in public relations and minoring in social media marketing. Taryn is a second year associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.

Anderson University is on a mission to educate students for lives of faith and service, offering more than60 undergraduate majors,30 three-year degrees,20 NCAA Division III intercollegiate sports, alongside adult and graduate programs. The private, liberal arts institution is fully accredited and recognized among top colleges for its business, computer science, cybersecurity, dance, engineering,nursing, and teacher education programs. Anderson University was established in 1917 in Anderson, Indiana, by the Church of God.


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