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Internship Feature: Sky Cramer

It’s a three-two count. Michael Chavis steps back from the plate after a missed moments prior. “Camera three: show me Chavis.” Louisville Bats pitcher smiles, convinced he’s got Chavis in his grip. “Roof cam: go wide.” The fans are cheering, but Sky can’t hear it. He just waits for direction.

“Roof cam: show me the crowd.” The pitcher winds up. “Roof cam: quick, show me the aerial shot in case this ball goes to the fence.” Chavis smiles back at the pitcher. He knows this is his pitch. SMACK. “Roof cam: follow that ball! She’s going all the way!” Sky tracks the home run hit.

This is a typical day for Sky Cramer at Victory Field. Cramer was lucky enough to be admitted as an intern for the Indianapolis Indians media team this past summer, and he shared that he loved the experience.

Going into his senior year at AU, Cramer was looking for a new experience that would help round out his film knowledge, which is why he went to baseball. “I learned some really valuable lessons this summer. But also, I really loved getting to watch free baseball.”

Cramer made it clear that he took away two key points from his experience at Victory Field this summer.“The first thing I learned was the uniqueness of directors. Everyone works differently and wants different shots. By the end of the summer, I was able to find the shots my director wanted before he even told me.”

“The second important takeaway was that punctuality and hard work go a long way. The people who struggled the most this summer were those that didn’t show up on time or didn’t put in a lot of effort.”

Overall, Cramer had a great experience. Cramer made it clear that his experience with the Indianapolis Indians was one he will never forget.

Mason Fridley is a senior from Anderson, IN majoring in public relations. Fridley is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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