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Internship Feature: Victoria Storm

Victoria, better known as Tori, Storm is a junior visual communication design and public relations double major specializing in event planning. Storm spent the summer working as an intern with Grace Horizon, a rehabilitation program who specializes in supporting women who have been exploited sexually, whether through trafficking or other kinds of sexual violence.

When the non-profit recently went through a rebranding, Storm was up for the challenge and was able to incorporate lessons in her event planning courses with their new agenda.

When asked about this new experience, Storm stated that she “gained a new perspective into the true service and commitment that comes with running a non-profit.”

Storm said she has found a great appreciation for events and mixing it with her artistic nature by expressing herself through tactile artistic styles. She hopes to bring that into play as she grows her newer passion in event planning.

“I love visual arts and hope to find a career that allows me to be creative daily,” said Storm. “Having the opportunity to make a client or individual's imagination come to life is very rewarding for me.”

Storm has one major takeaway from her experience from Grace Horizon: she gets to take the knowledge she has learned in class and apply it to real world situations. Throughout her time taking classes at Anderson University, Storm has learned event planning from the ground up, and she credits her professors for her great learning experiences while at AU.

Storm shared this internship experience has led her to better understand what she wants to do after college: help people bring the ideas of their imagination to life. Storm loves creating beauty through art, and she has continued to experiment with her talents and interests through event planning.

Mason Fridley is a senior from Anderson, Ind., majoring in public relations. Mason is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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