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Is Artificial Intelligence Our Enemy or Friend?

In many ways, artificial intelligence (AI) makes our day-to-day lives much easier. Everytime you use your iPhone to ask Siri for directions, or send a text, you are benefiting from AI services. The reality is that pr professionals only have so many hours in the day: 24 to be exact.

AI simplifies the process by which brands can get the attention of their targeted audience by utilizing “natural language processing” to advertise and create attraction for a product.

Currently, most individuals or brands will use visuals in order to relay information to people via web. Whether it is on a website or social media, pictures and videos are regularly used as means of communicating to an audience. AI’s part in this widely used practice is to locate pictures or videos that contain positive or negative responses about a brand so they are aware of these customers experiences.

Although they sometimes go unnoticed, analyzing data and research are an important component of a pr practitioners job. Media intelligence tools sift through data, translate trends, and gauge how customers feel about your customer service, products, and brand as a whole.

Despite the technological advancements and creation of AI, along with its many successful contributions, many people are still harsh critiques of its functions. Some have said that AI threatens employment and intimidating by the way it can replace a human.

With any new phenomenon or invitation, there will be malfunctions or disadvantage to its

existence. Despite the heat AI has received, people have argued that it simplifies our work, saves us time, helps individuals promote their brand and creates new jobs in the process.

The life of a PR practitioner is chaotic and dynamic. In our constantly evolving society, we are given the impossible task of keeping up with the media and news outlets. Tools like AI make jobs significantly easier so practitioners can manage their time well and focus on what they do best.

Charis Grubbs is a senior from Ohio majoring in public relations and political science. Charis is an account manager with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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