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Malik Davis Alum Q&A

Malik Davis, a film major and 2018 graduate, was part of the AU Track & Field and XC team during his time at AU. In addition, he was also an Avanti Booster and served on the Chapel Worship Team.

When did your passion for film begin?

“I’ve always been a storyteller. I remember at a young age I would tell my family these very drawn out stories about things and then I went to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in theaters and ever since then it kind of spiraled into this passion for filmmaking.” Davis goes on to say that his creativity is driven by his passion to bring out emotions. He wants the audience to feel something. “Because no one wants to watch a short film or wedding film if it’s just pretty shots… there needs to be some depth.”

What are you doing now? What have been some highlights?

Currently, Davis is a freelance videographer and photographer, Media Director at East Side Church of God, and videographer at IU: Kelley School of Business. After graduation, Davis embraced the opportunity to go on tour for a year and a half with a band as their videographer. From there, he has had multiple freelance opportunities.

“I started my own business, as well as coming back to Anderson and being given the opportunity to work at East Side - which really helped me reconnect with people I haven’t seen in a while. And of course, helping me get back on my faith journey after being on the move all the time trying to work on the next project.”

What have been some challenges ?

When it comes to challenges, Davis gives a fresh and honest perspective on the challenges revolving around graduation. “In regards to challenges, no one really tells you this, but after graduating you realize that it’s kind of a lonely process.”

He gave insight to what post graduation life can look like. “You spend 4 years with people you see on a daily basis and when all of that is done, and everyone moves back to their hometowns or states, you have to branch out of that Anderson bubble and experience the world by yourself. During that time, friendships were tested, my faith was tested, and throughout all of that a lot of self-reflection went on to where I’m grateful for going to AU because it gave me some tools to get through all of that.”

How have you felt AU has prepared you for your career ?

As a film major, Davis focused a lot on storytelling. He learned how to bring emotions out of people. Malik says that when he was at AU, the film department had limited camera gear and what topics and stories short-films can be created around. Because of that, Davis had to get a little more creative with how he portrays stories. “I had a professor who taught me how to tell stories that were more visual and hinted at whatever sensitive topic that people didn’t want to address without blatantly saying it,” he says.

What were some of your favorite experiences here at AU?

Whether meeting his best friend in the MP, friends that helped with his faith journey, or jamming to Coldplay during Encore, Malik has lasting memories from AU.

What advice would you give current AU students? Especially ones from your department?

“My advice for students would be don’t be afraid of change. You might think you have life planned out to this perfect script, but you’ll realize pretty quickly during your college career and life journey that change is inevitable and you should be open to the love and opportunities the world has to offer you. For my filmmakers, good is better than perfect… if you know you know.”

Delaney Dye is double majoring in public relations and youth leadership development. She is from New Castle, Indiana, and is now finishing her last year at Anderson University in Indiana. Dye is a member in PRSSA, and a second year associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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