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Morehouse takes on Cyber Security Internship

Michael Morehouse, senior at Anderson University, is currently working as a media intern for the Center for Security Studies in Cyber Defense (CSSCD) at AU. As a public relations major and writing minor, Morehouse has been able to combine his knowledge from his classes and the new experiences of the job to grow as a professional.

The CSSCD is a relatively new program on campus, but it is taking off quickly. Morehouse has had a front row seat to the growing success of the program for several months now. Starting in June, Morehouse has worked on social media, marketing and writing for the program. With their growth, it is crucial that their social media and marketing efforts clearly explain their purpose and attract clients or students.

AU’s CSSCD is a cyber security firm that not only provides services for the campus, but small businesses or nonprofits as well. Many of the outside organizations they work with don't have the capabilities of hiring a larger firm, and the CSSCD provides high quality work for a much lower cost. Along with marketing across campus, Morehouse is also responsible for creating or writing content that helps promote the program’s impact on those they work with.

In addition to developing media content, Morehouse has gone through basic cyber security training throughout his internship. Morehouse may not be a cyber security specialist, but this knowledge has helped him better understand the industry and effectively communicate the purpose of the firm to outsiders.

Morehouse has not only grown as an intern and student through the internship, but he has gained valuable experience that he can carry throughout future endeavors. “Whether I work in this industry or not, I can take the skills I learned to wherever I work. I can potentially help lead other nonprofits or small businesses in departments like cyber security if they are lacking the experience or bandwidth.”

Hannah Rady is a senior from Anderson University, majoring in public relations and minoring in sport marketing and journalism. Rady is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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