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NBA Media Day

The NBA’s Media Day is an exciting event where basketball fans get a first official look at the year’s teams. The pictures and interviews of players and coaches are broadcast around the world giving fans a preview of the upcoming season highlight headings. This gives crazed basketball fans something to look forward to in the future.

This year, it seems like Media Day has found a home for years to come in Los Angeles. The star studded city has recently added more stars to its collection, bringing in well-known players like Anthony Davis, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. But of course LeBron James was the man of the hour on Media Day and had plenty to say alongside Anthony Davis.

James is a three time NBA Champion who brings an abundance of skill and passion to the game and expects the same from his peers. James has always been the man, he’s always been the go to guy, and is arguably the best player of all time.So it was a surprise to a lot of people when he was asked about his new teammate Anthony Davis and said, “We all know how great Anthony Davis is. If we're not playing through Anthony Davis while he is on the floor, then it makes no sense to have him on the floor, because he is that great.”

Anthony Davis sat on a panel next to Laker Hall-of-famer, James Worthy. Being the new star on the team, as was expected, Davis was thrown a flurry of questions that had everyone giving him their undivided attention.

He was asked about his goals for the season, and he was recorded saying, “Only priority. I just want to win. I think everyone comes in the game of basketball wanting to be a champion, and I want to put that on my resume.”

As the Lakers cleared out their inner city rivals started to prepare for their own Media Day. The Clippers had a roster full of players who had much to say about this year’s upcoming season. But for Leonard, he took an approach much bigger than basketball; “Being able to go back to my [LA] community and for them to see me, able to touch them, able to shake my hand, just able to be there, and be a guidance and inspiration to the youth,” said Leonard. “Just let them know it’s not a myth, and that I was really just in their shoes one day, and they could be in mine shoes.”

Media Day in the NBA has more hype than any other professional sport’s media day. Players make bold predictions and promises, gives the public the inside scoop on how trades are executed, and the fans love it. After this year's media day, fans are more pumped than ever and can’t wait any longer for the 2019-2020 season.

Isaiah Lockhart is a senior public relations major. He is a Fifth Street associate and member of PRSSA.


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