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Plant-Based Possibilities

There has always been a stigma around vegetarianism that they only eat veggies. Eating out for vegetarians normally meant a salad was really the only option. People that choose to not eat meat have not always had it easy when it came to eating outside of the home. But recent trends seem to show a major shift in the growing world of vegetarianism.

Last year Burger King made news when they launched the Impossible Whopper. This was the first time a fast-food restaurant had recreated one of their signature burgers as a plant-based option. This was a major move for the company, and they received a lot of praise for the decision. They were able to closely replicate the taste and texture of an actual beef patty, which was not something that was able to be done in the past.

Other restaurants have seemed to catch on and jump on the bandwagon. Shortly after the Impossible Whopper hit the menu, other restaurants like Starbucks, Little Caesars, and Red Robin have decided to add these options to their menu.

McDonald's is the newest one to hop on the plant-based trend. The company announced this week that starting in early 2021 they will be entering the plant-based market with their “McPlant” line that will offer plant-based beef patties and soon after will be adding chicken substitutes to their menu.

Soon after the announcement, Pizza Hut announced they will also start offering meatless options with their “Beyond Italian Sausage” and “Great Beyond” pizza.

This trend has been growing in popularity and seems as if it will not be going away anytime soon. Consumers are continuing to embrace these new diets so it is important for these food chains to be accommodating to that.

Along with keeping other diets in mind, meat alternatives provide sustainability wins for these brands that add to the competitive side of their menu.

Tori Phelps is a senior from Yorktown, Indiana, double majoring in public relations and visual communication design. Phelps is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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