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Rachel Sparks Alum Q&A

Meet Rachel Sparks, senior manager of production and content marketing at Royal Caribbean and a 2013 Anderson University alumna. Since studying communications at AU, she’s made a name for herself in the commercial production and marketing industry. Learn more about her time at AU and in the field since graduating.

Q: What were some of your favorite activities that you took part in when you were at AU?

A: Being an RA was kind of my club. It was a leadership role which I've always loved developing and learning about. Being able to connect and hear my floormate’s stories and where they're coming from were probably some of my favorite times because you never knew what you were going to get.

Q: What was your plan after college?

A: Honestly, I didn't know what I wanted to do. I had an internship at Innovator's which is a local Indianapolis agency and we actually have new grads that have found the company. David Armstrong taught me a lot of things and kind of navigated me to this company.

Q: How long have you been with Royal Caribbean?

A: I started four years ago. So when I worked for Innovative, we worked with Royal Caribbean's PR team. We brought on editors and video shooters. Then we basically helped build content and review areas for the media that they would host on board.

Q: How did Covid impact your job?

A: We were shut down for a year and a half. And I’m thinking, am I going to have a job in the cruise industry? No one is focused on anything. We’re all just trying to figure out what was happening. So as with every department, we lost about 30 percent of our staff due to the pandemic. And I lost two people in my individual team. I think everyone experienced getting back to families and, especially in the sense of the unknown, it ended up being kind of nice.

Q: What’s some advice you’d give to a freshman?

A: Treat others, how you want to be treated. You never know who you meet in life.

Mason Fridley is a junior from Anderson, Indiana majoring in public relations with a concentration in social media. Mason is an associate with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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