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There’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow...

The Walt Disney Company is not a stranger to the spotlight. In the midst of COVID-19, many fans and foes are keeping their eyes on the castle and eagerly waiting for information about when the Disney theme parks will reopen, cruise ships will set sea and movie premieres will be held. The company is juggling astronomical financial losses, responsibility to its cast members and stakeholders and its commitment to service.

The Walt Disney Company has been a light and a leader when it comes to aiding its community and heroes on the front lines of battling COVID-19. In a season of hardship, Disney is spreading positivity and wisely offering its resources to support as many people as possible. The company, its businesses and its partners are coming up with creative solutions to keep fans entertained and engaged.

Social media campaigns, blog posts and even early releases of films on Disney+ are serving as reminders to fans that the company is still standing and committed to spreading magic. Disney Parks Blog is posting inspiration, tutorials and even exclusive recipes so guests can make memories in their own homes. Executive chairman, Bob Iger, is hopeful that the Disney theme parks will reopen with additional safety measures. As always, the company is looking for opportunities to grow from the challenges it is facing.

While a branch of the Walt Disney Company is focused on sharing exciting news, others are bearing the weight of millions of disappointed guests and employees who are out of once-in-a-lifetime experiences due to park closures. In true Disney form, the company is putting safety about everything else. While answers to every question, such as when exactly theme parks will reopen, are not available yet, information about ticket refunds and more, is available.

The Walt Disney Company is admired by billions of people. Its values of safety and communication have never been so reassuring. While we are all on a journey across uncharted territory, an organization that was started by a creative man and a trusty mouse serves a beacon of positivity and hope for the great, big, beautiful tomorrow that lies ahead.

Erin Smith is a senior from Anderson, IN, majoring in public relations. Erin is an account manager with Fifth Street Communications®, a student-run public relations agency at Anderson University.


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